What is IFS Inspired Coaching?

IFS-inspired coaching unlocks a clients fullest potential by focusing on their entire internal operating system. This includes the parts of the client that may have no interest in change or be actively resisting it. The holistic approach of acknowledging all parts works towards total alignment of a common vision, purpose or goal.

How is IFS-inspired coaching different from other coaching models?

IFS-inspired coaching

  • Creates awareness (and alignment) of inner team

  • Fosters understanding of the motivations and concerns of various parts

  • Introduces mindful decision-making (discerning which parts we allow to influence our choices and behaviors)

  • Differentiating (unblending) parts

  • Elicits Self energy

Other Coaching Models

  • Largely external focused

  • May not include an orientation of multiplicity

  • Typically align only with change agents in the system

  • Some models attempt to exile, ignore or even eradicate “negative” or “bad” parts that aren’t on board

  • Advice-giving often a component (“here’s what you need to do”)

How is IFS-inspired coaching different from IFS therapy?

IFS-inspired Coaching

  • Often future-oriented with focus on desired outcomes, behavioral shifts and a personal vision

  • Works with parts that carry limiting beliefs

  • Family of origin work typically not included in coaching

  • Primarily outside>in focused

IFS Therapy

  • Healing oriented

  • Deals with anxiety/depression and may address acute trauma such as sexual abuse, suicide, addictions etc…

  • Trained to work with clients who could be a potential threat to themselves or others

  • Primarily inside>out focused