Life often brings us many challenges that can steer us away from our authentic selves, happiness and fulfillment.

I believe very strongly in using the mind-body connection as a source of reflection and healing. My practice as a therapist and life coach is focused on helping individuals work through difficult life transitions, which may include professional or family changes, as well as navigating the world of dating and relationships. When mind, body and soul are in balance, one is able to live with ease and function at an optimum capacity.

Incorporating mindfulness techniques into your daily practice can be the key to achieving this type of equilibrium. My training in IFS therapy, heart-centered hypnotherapy, coupled with my therapeutic training, allow me to help clients tap into their physical, emotional and spiritual needs through techniques such as meditation, journal writing, and mindful breathing.

I have established a therapeutic model that is sensitive to people's schedules and the need for flexibility. I have successfully been able to offer clients the ability to meet online or by phone in order to accommodate people's travel and personal needs.